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Ageing in Place

Jean-François Pinsonnault lives in Maxville, Ontario. He is an Organizational Development practitioner, mediator, consultant, and coach with 45+ years of experience. He develops and delivers courses in conflict resolution, communication, customer service, process improvement, and leadership/management skills.


A senior himself, he has come to terms with the discoveries and challenges of ageing. However, the horrific impact of COVID-19 on residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities in Canada prompted Jean-François to do something tangible to help. 

He had in the past, cared for his mother. In 2017, Jean-François published a memoir about their 14-year journey together. Lasting Touch - A Mother and Son's Journey of Joy, Challenges, Sadness, and Discovery covers the emotional, psychological, and physical lessons he learned during the most beautiful and cherished years of his life. 

Ageing Safely in the Home of YOUR Choice builds on Jean-François' experience, sharing the lessons learned and hundreds of ideas and tips to maximize safety and comfort for seniors so that, like his mother, they can remain in the home of their choice.  The book also includes several tools he developed to facilitate the decision-making process. 

As a Senior Home Safety Specialist—certified by Age Safe Canada—Jean-François empowers seniors and their families with actionable ideas and tips. Upon request, he can perform a home safety assessment to identify dangerous hazards that put seniors' health at risk and suggests viable solutions. (Go to "Consulting Services" tab for further information) 

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