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Ageing in Place

Ageing Safely in the Home


Ageing Safely in the Home of YOUR Choice—offers hundreds of ideas and tips to maximize safety and comfort. It builds on Jean-François' experience, sharing the lessons learned and helpful tips for seniors so that, like his mother, they can remain in the home of their choice. 


In addition, readers will discover several tools and techniques designed to facilitate and support seniors and their families in working through the decision-making process and making the necessary adjustments to remain in their current home or, if desired, transition to a different home environment.


As a Senior Home Safety Specialist—certified by Age Safe Canada—Jean-François empowers seniors and their families with actionable ideas and tips. Upon request, Jean-François can perform a home safety assessment to identify dangerous hazards that put seniors' health at risk and suggest viable solutions.

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Lasting Touch

For nearly ten years, Jean-François visited his widowed and unwell mother every other week to ensure her comfort. Regularly, he invited her to come and live with him. Each time Lise, his mother, kindly refused, saying she was not ready. Finally, one spring day, she called and asked: "Is the offer still good?"

Not long after that life-changing conversation began a journey of joy, challenges, sadness, and discovery.

Through the good times and the challenging times, both learned the importance of communication, listening, and the high importance that elderly parents put on independence, dignity, respect, and comfort



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