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Why now?

Seniors Ageing in place

The horrific impact of COVID-19 on residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities in Canada prompted Jean-François Pinsonnault to do something tangible to help. 


Unfortunately, the current Canadian healthcare system, which dates back to the mid-1950s, is based primarily on acute care and not on the complex chronic care required by seniors today.


Moreover, Healthcare Resources for the elderly are mainly directed to hospitals and long-term care with minimal resources dedicated to home care. The apparent total disregard for the elderly by so many government jurisdictions triggered Jean-François' indignation. As a result, he began researching best practices to share with seniors and their families.


Discovering that almost 100% of seniors strongly preferred to remain in their own homes rather than go to a retirement home or a long-term care institution, [1] By the summer of 2020, he knew what he had to do. He could build on his experience, sharing the lessons learned and helpful tips for seniors so that, like his mother, they can remain in the residence of their choice.


Jean-François' ability to influence governments to make significant and beneficial changes to the quality of life of its citizens was out of his purview. However, he could make a tangible difference for seniors and their families by sharing ideas and tips (often at no or minimal cost) to adapt and adjust their environments into safer, comfortable senior-friendly homes.

[1] National Institute on Ageing – Bringing Long-Term Care Home – Page 15, November 2020 – Click here to access the White Paper

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