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Home Safety Specialist Evaluation To Age in Place

As a Senior Home Safety Specialist—certified by Age Safe Canada—Jean-François empowers seniors and their families with actionable ideas and tips.


Upon request, he can perform a home safety assessment of the exterior and the interior (room-by-room) to identify potential dangerous hazards that put seniors' health at risk.


He provides a verbal overview of the evaluation during the assessment. Then, shortly after, he sends, by email or regular mail, a complete report. It highlights all the identified risks, with suggestions for possible actions or solutions.


Please complete the form below to request more information or clarification about a senior home safety assessment.

The cost for a Senior Home Safety Assessment is $106.50 (+13% HST),

within 100 km of my office. Beyond that distance, travel expenses will apply.

Note: For other locations, I will check to determine the availability of certified agents.

Thank you for your inquiry! Privacy is essential! Your information won't be shared.

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