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Senior Home

Safety Assesment

Ageing in Place

Are you a senior wanting to remain in your own home but concerned about your safety and comfort?


Are you an adult child concerned about your parents’ and grandparents’ safety and well-being? Research has shown that 65% of falls by seniors occur within their residence.

Therefore, it is wise to try and prevent such unfortunate situations by ensuring that risky situations are eliminated or mitigated.


  • One potential solution could be to have a certified ‘Senior Home Safety Specialist’ conduct an assessment of the interior and, if applicable, the exterior area of your home.

  • A Senior Home Safety Assessment includes the exterior of the home, all entry areas, and every room, including bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry room, garage, basement, kitchen and dining room, lighting evaluation, fire safety and electrical safety.

  • Such an assessment will identify risky situations or environments that could result in someone being hurt—or, sadly, incurring severe injury from a fall.

  • As a certified ‘Senior Home Safety Specialist,’ I provide verbal feedback for identified precarious situations or environments requiring urgent remediation.

  • Depending on the residence size, the assessment takes between two and three hours. Afterwards, a complete summary is provided with recommendations for fall prevention and home safety and sent by email or post within a week or so.

  • Please note that the cost for the assessment is $120.35, including the HST.  


In the future, if you choose to know more about this service, please complete and submit the questionnaire below so I can learn more about your home and its location, including two or three possible dates and times to conduct the assessment.


Please note that the assessment cost applies to clients within 100 kilometres of my office. Locations beyond that area may incur additional travel costs.

For clients who are much further than my area, I will check to determine if other certified specialists are available in your geographic area.


Once we have arrived at a mutual agreement on the date, time, and location, I will forward to you the link to complete the payment process.


Please note: when individuals with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges occupy a household, such an assessment is better conducted by an Occupational Therapist.

Thank you for your inquiry! Privacy is essential! Your information won't be shared.

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